Must close: Friday May 17, May 2024

Players can wear any comfortable clothing to training, but must have a uniform for competitive matches.

Since 2023, you can choose either a dress or singlet & shorts – whichever you prefer. Both options are popular, and most teams have some players in dresses and others in singlets & shorts.

Players must also wear white socks in matches (either your own or KJNC brand), and hard court sneakers.

The online shop also sells hoodies! These are an optional item that many players, parents, and family members enjoy wearing socially – especially in the colder months, as they’re lovely & warm.

The online shop opens only twice per year (usually May and November):

  • Sizing: We strongly recommend measuring your netballer, or else an item of clothing that fits her comfortably, and comparing to the sizing charts for the specific item you’re ordering. No refunds or exchanges are available for incorrectly sized orders.
  • Payment: Pay online at the time of order.
  • Delivery: We recommend choosing delivery to your home address. (The other option, Pickup, requires you to arrange a time to collect from our Uniforms Co-ordinator.) Items will arrive in time for the start of the next season – that is, in June for the May shop opening, and in January for the November shop opening.

You may also be able to purchase a second-hand uniform directly from the club, or source a short-term loan. The club gratefully accepts donations of old dresses in good condition.

For any issues, please contact our Uniform Co-ordinator Sue Williams at sue.williams.au@gmail.com.