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About us

Kensington Junior Soccer Club (KJSC) is part of the Kensington Flemington Junior Sports Club.

For more than 130 years, Kensington Flemington Junior Sports Club has worked to bring team sports to the area’s diverse communities.

Kensington Flemington Junior Sports Club’s purpose is to:

  • be a community based junior sports club run primarily by parents for the development and enjoyment of young people.
  • provide an environment that is safe, friendly and inclusive for all.
  • create a culture that seeks to positively develop all player’s self-esteem.

KJSC started in 2008, with two junior girls’ team. In 2018, boys were added to the club.

In 2023 we anticipate over 300 players across 26 teams from under 5s to under 17s.

It is one of the fastest growing sports for children in our neighbourhood.


KJSC home ground is at JJ Holland Park, Kensington

The synthetic soccer pitch is the main ground and is used for all training.

The area around JJ Holland is currently subject to significant works around South Kensington Station with the Metro Tunnel project. Completion is anticipated in early 2023.

Parking can be difficult during these works and we encourage people to plan ahead and be patient.

KJSC also plays games at Newmarket Oval which is at the Corner of Smithfield and Racecourse Roads, next to the Flemington and Kensington Bowling Club.