When is netball season? There are two netball seasons per year: the Autumn season lines up with school Terms 1 & 2 (Feb – June), and the Spring season with Terms 3 & 4 (July – December).

Is prior experience required to join? No! We’re an inclusive club and welcome players of all ages, skill level and experience (subject to capacity). In order to compete in the Parkville league, teams are graded starting at the 13 & Under level.

How much does it cost?

Players need a club registration, a Netball Victoria membership, gate fees, and a uniform.

Club Registration fees:

Single Player$308
Family (2+ children)$572
Development Squad (no games)$154
Concession Single $220
Concession Family$440

Prices include GST. These fees cover competition fees to Parkville Netball League, training venue fees, coaching & umpiring fees, equipment costs, and end-of-year presentations. We are a not-for-profit club.

All netball players must have a Netball Victoria membership, which is $64 for Juniors, or $87 for NetSetGO (includes a training shirt). This is an annual fee, so covers two seasons of netball in the same calendar year. It provides insurance coverage for injuries incurred at training or while competing.

Most teams play at MSC – Parkville, and those players are charged $48 gate fees per season (about $2.80 per game), which permits admission for all spectators to all games.

The only other significant cost is a uniform, which can be a dress or shorts & singlet, and costs about $65 if purchased new. Uniforms generally last at least a couple of years.

When / where are games played? All games, both home & away, are played at Melbourne Sports Centres – Parkville (previously known as the State Netball Hockey Centre) on Saturdays, generally in the morning or early afternoon. They last for around 50 minutes. The 17 & Under competition (only) plays at Riverside Ascot Vale on Tuesday evenings.

How much training is there? One hour per week. Training times vary from team to team – see here for details.

How do the age brackets work? These refer to the maximum age as at December 31 of that year. For example, “11 & Under” is for kids who will be aged 11 or under on the last day of the current year. As each bracket spans two years (11 & Under, 13 & Under, 15 & Under…), and it’s common for kids to “play up” in order to stay with their friends, teams often have players younger than the maximum – a team entering 13 & Under for the first time may be mostly aged around 11.

Can boys play? – Yes, all teams can be mixed until the year the player turns 14. At this point, the league separates into female and mixed competitions, and we currently have teams in both.

Do we play in wet weather? Most of our teams now train indoors, and almost all play matches indoors.

How can I inquire? Please use our online contact form.

How do I register? Download the latest version of our Registrations FAQ.

Where do I get a uniform or merchandise? The online uniform shop opens twice per year. Please see here for more information.

How do I know when my game is? Please find online fixtures here. Team managers also send out game info, including reminders of game times.