Team App

Getting Started on Stack Team APP

Welcome to all the Kensington Junior Soccer Club (KJSC) members.

Stack Team App is the platform KJSC uses to communicate with families, for both team fixtures and club-wide notices. If you don’t have this application downloaded, you may miss important notifications such last minute training or matches cancellations.

Please download Stack Team App using the instructions below (Multiple parents/guardians download).

Loading Stack Team APP on your Smartphone

1. Download Stacks Team App from the App Store or Google Play

2. Select Find your Team/Club
3. Search for KJSC
4. Tap the Teams icon or tap ‘Request to join this team’s app (tap here)’
5. Select your child/children’s team – ensure it starts with the current year e.g. ‘2022’
6. Provide membership details – Select Yes
7. Members directory – Select Yes or No (optional)
8. Click Save
9. Select teams for additional children

Updating Acess Groups in Team APP

If you have used Team App in previous years, you need to update your access groups to get notifications and fixtures for your child/children’s current team.

1. Log on to Stack Team App
2. Tap the settings wheel in the top right corner to access your membership details
3. Select Access Groups
4. Select your child/children’s new team from the Available Groups – it must start with the current year e.g. 2021
5. Remove old groups by selecting each of the Joined Groups you no longer need and tap Leave the group.