Structure of KFJSC



The Kensington Flemington Junior Sports Club (KFJSC) Incorporated is comprised of five junior sports clubs:

  • Flemington Junior Football Club
  • Kensington Junior Basketball Club
  • Kensington Junior Cricket Club
  • Kensington Junior Soccer Club
  • Kensington Junior Netball Club

Each of these clubs is aligned with a separate sporting code:

  • AFL- Western Region Football League (WRFL)
  • Basketball – Westgate Basketball Association (WBA)
  • Cricket – North West Metropolitan Cricket Association (NWMCA) and Western Region Junior Cricket Association (WRJCA)
  • Soccer – Football Federation of Victoria (FFV)
  • Netball- Netball Victoria

Each Club is governed by the Rules of the Association, as well as by the Rules of their respective sporting code.

Each Club is administered by an Operations Committee. Each of these committees has a President, Treasurer and Secretary. Additional committee positions vary between the five Clubs, and essentially cover coach coordination, team manger support, fundraising and sponsorship, and uniforms and equipment.

The KFJSC Association Committee coordinates the formulation and attainment of common goals, that are in line with the Club’s Statement of Purpose. The Association Committee provides a forum for achieving consensus between the Clubs with regards to matters of policy, philosophy, finance and operational synergy. The Association Committee members are the legal representatives of the KFJSC, in accordance with the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012. The role of the Association Committee is outlined in Rule 23, in the Rules of the Association.